Shipment Criteria

Countries with Free Shipping

UJackets offer free shipping to UK, USA, and Canada, as the customer is our premium choice. Various websites offer merchandises with shipping charges included. However, we take a leap forward and offer free shipping. No matter what size or specifications you choose, we don’t distinguish amongst them.

Countries we do not Ship

Dedication is the hallmark of UJackets and this is what we thrive on. Even though we focus on global clientele, however, according to international law sanctions, some countries are excluded from this list (OFAC countries). Besides that we also do not ship to Israel, no matter what the circumstances are.

Countries we do Ship but with an additional Cost

Other than UK, US, and Canada, UJackets have the rule of delivering the product with an extra charge of $25 related to shipping.

Payment Options

At UJackets, we accept payments from Discover, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. To guarantee maximum safety of payments by our customers, SSL layer is used. Once the order is placed online, you will have to give the card number, and leave the rest on the SSL layer link. Since we do not accepts checks or cash, the only mode of payment is credit card and PayPal.
Return & Exchange Policy

UJackets, observers the customer details and ensure that it is accurate. Nevertheless, we have nothing to do with the selection of the size of the clients. Therefore, in an event, the issue originates, it is important to email us the issue faced with at and enclose a picture of you wearing the jacket. Also, utilize the return form in 72 hours, since the time jacket arrives. It is crucial aspect to go for custom size, so that the concerns can be evaded. You can also select your size by viewing the size chart, included with the product details. When you intend to return the jacket, make sure that the tag is not removed detached or the zipper is not broken.

Acceptance or Rejection of Order

UJackets has a right to reject or accept your order under particular scenario. When the order is placed on the website, the essential questions need to be answered for the processing of order.

Users & Accounts

The guidelines of the UJackets must be followed by all the registered customers and ensure their privacy of the accounts.

Governing Law

UJackets can be construed and governed under the laws of UAE, in case the claim or dispute arises. We use the same domicile and hence follow the ruling accordingly.