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The Rhythm Section Collection.

The year 2020 is coming with amazing movies. Another amazing movie known as The Rhythm Section Collecttion is being released on 30th of January 2020 with a blast! The genre of the movie is thriller and mystery which would surely keep the audience on their toes with suspense. The movie is directed by Reed Morano and written by Mark Burnell.

The plot of the movie is about an international spy who follows a story belonging to Stephanie Patrick. The woman’s family died in a plane crash 3 years ago and the plot revolves around her journey in search of answers of what happened. She discovers that the crash was not an accident and this was a murder attempted on her family she vows to track down whoever did this and take revenge. She assumes the identity of an assassin and goes on with her journey to find the killers of her family.

The character who played the main role of Stephanie Patrick is Blake Lively. The gorgeous Blake is back and the expectations of the movie has been raised since the cast starred by the directors are amazing at what they do. Apart from the amazing plot, stars and direction of the movie, there is one more vital thing that is appreciated and adored by the audience which was the attire of the entire cast in the movie. As far as what we can tell from the trailer, the attire of the cast was admirable and the audience would love to wear such attire.

Our category comprises of a wide range of exact replicas of these attires worn by the characters of The Rhythm Section. You can now avail these attires and wear them in public to show your support to the upcoming movie as well as your love and admiration to the stars who have played their part in the movie.

A coat which was worn by Blake Lively in the movie has been the highlight of her attire throughout the movie. This particular coat is made up of wool blend along with soft inner viscose lining. It has a strutted shawl style collar along with front buttoned closure. It has full sleeves with open hem cuffs and the style of a long trench coat. It has two pockets on the outside of the coat. This coat comes in a beautiful navy blue color which makes it so attractive.

Another bomber jacket which was worn by Blake Lively came into the spotlight in the media and among the audience. This particular jacket is made up of cotton satin material with soft viscose lining on the inside. The jacket consists of a stand up collar along with front zipper closure. It consists of full sleeves with open hem cuffs along with two pockets on the outside of the jacket and two on the inside so you can carry all your belongings with you when you go out. The jacket comes in a mauve brown pink combination of colors.