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Chilling adventures with Sabrina is an American supernatural and horror television series which is available on Netflix. The series is produced by Warner Bros. The series is organized on the Archie Comics character named as Sabrina. The role of Sabrina is portrayed by Kiernan Shipka. The character Sabrina is a teenage witch and the plot of the television series revolves around the horror adventures of the teenage witch. The character Sabrina is a half teenage witch and half teenage mortal human.

The initial release date of the TV series was on 26th of October 2018. There has been 2 seasons released yet and the series got a feedback of immense love and admiration. Other than the plot, characters and their performances another incredible aspect of Chilling adventures of Sabrina was the breathtaking attire of the characters of the series.

Our category comprises of the exact replicas of the chilling adventure jackets, coats and hoodies. You can now grab these high quality products and show your love and affection to the characters by wearing these in public. You can wear these coats and jackets on your Halloween parties or costume parties if you dress up like Sabrina, the teenage witch.

Our category comprises of the amazing attire of Sabrina. The Sabrina Coat which was in the spotlight of the show, is made up of wool blend along with soft viscose lining on the inside. The coat consists of a round collar neck and a front buttoned closure. The coat also consist of 3 quarter sleeves and open hem cuffs. The color of the coat is red which makes it as attractive as it is.

Another amazing jacket which was worn by a character of the TV series was highlighted a lot by the audience in a positive way. They admired the jacket a lot and we are sure that they would love to avail the jacket and wear it. This jacket is made up of wool blend along with soft inner viscose lining. It consists of a bird beak shirt collar along with front snap buttoned closure. The jacket consists of open hem cuffs and comes in an attractive brown color. It consist of two pockets on the outside of the jacket so you can carry all your belongings with you, wherever you go. The uniqueness of the jacket lies in the floral embroidery on the jacket. The embroidery makes it look gorgeous.

Harvey Kinkle, another vital character of the series has been spotted wearing a particular bomber jacket which was loved and appreciated by the audience. This jacket is made of real leather with inner viscose lining. It has a fur shearling collar along with front zipper closure. It has rib knit cuffs and comes in a brown color. There are two pockets on the front of the jacket for your convenience purposes.

You can now avail all of these replicas on our category and show your immense love and admiration to the characters by wearing them!