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Holidate Outfit Collection

One of the most trending movies of 2020 is Holidate, a romantic, comedy, and drama movie directed by the most talented John Whitesell and produced by McG and Mary Viola. The movie is taken from a screenplay written by Tiffany Paulsen and is absolutely loved by the audience. The movie was released on the 28h of October 2020 and was aired on Netflix. The audience was eagerly waiting for the release of the movie and they loved it.

The movie revolves around two young people Jackson and Sloane who hate holidays as they have to come back to their families. This year, both of their families set them up with strangers to go on dates which they really hated. In the holidays, these two meet and decide to be each other’s partners till the holidays last. The cast of the movie includes Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Jake Manley, Jessica Capshaw, Andrew Bachelor, Frances Fisher, Manish Dayal, and Kristin Chenoweth. They were loved by the audience for their tremendous performances and amazing costumes

The audience really praised the costumes of the characters in the movie and loved them so much that most of these costumes were in-demand by the audience. Luckily, our category has a Holidate Outfit collection comprising of all the costumes that were highlighted and praised by the audience. These costumes are high-quality and would be suitable for all your casual, formal, fancy, daily, and cosplay purposes.

For all the fans of Holidate, you’ll love this collection. It has a variety of different attires worn by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. One of the most highlighted ones was this amazing plaid coat worn by Emma Roberts. It is made up of wool material with a soft internal viscose lining. It has a turn-down collar and a front buttoned style fastening. It has long sleeves with open hem cuffs. The coat consists of two front pockets along with two pockets on the inside. It comes in black color with a plaid pattern on the coat. For this coat, it would be perfect for all your casual and daily gatherings, giving you the right amount of comfort and good looks.

Another most highlighted and adored costume was this one made up of faux fur material and consisting of a soft viscose lining on the inside. It has a lapel style collar with an open front. It has long sleeves with open hem cuffs and comes in brown color with a leopard skin pattern on it. This coat would be the perfect choice to wear on all fancy gatherings with family and friends.

One of Luke Bracey’s adored coats includes the one made up of wool with a soft internal viscose lining. It has a stand-up collar and a front single-buttoned closure. It has long sleeves with open hem cuffs and comes in black color with two front and two inner pockets. Luke Bracey was adored in this coat.

Visit our category to view the Holidate Outfit Collection and choose your favorite ones. Grab one for you and one for your significant other to wear on Christmas and have the most Christmas-y Christmas this year.