UJackets is acknowledged throughout the world, for cutting edge approach and design. The process is a real simple one, all you have to do is to select the product of your choice and confirm the order. Once the payment is cleared, the process starts that completes in 10-12 business days. Once the jacket is sent for shipping, an email will be generated in 24 hours that will include a tracking code and a detail of the purchased product. Nevertheless, time postponements are a fate in some scenarios, owing to several causes that comprise of complex details of products, material shortage, and detailed quality check. The laws of shipping vary from country to country and this also may lead to delay in time span up to 20 working days as the case may be.

UJackets emphasizes on free shipping to UK, USA, and Canada, hence furnishing ease of access globally. If you need the jacket urgently, then you can place order with $25 extra cost? Hence, it takes 6-8 business days to deliver the order at the doorstep. If the courier is unable to position the shipment, the delivery promise will be taken into account.

Shipping Access:

UJackets is recognized all through the globe and is known because of its cutting edge policies of shipping. In order to ensure the quality delivery of the products, we make use of services like DPEX Worldwide Express, DHL, Global, TNT, and SKYNET Worldwide Express. The customers are always a valuable entity of our business and hence we email them the details related to shipping along with the tracking code, once the product is forwarded from here. Just in case you are unavailable, you can indicate your next door neighbor who will collect and sign on your behalf.

Notes for Notice:

To make sure the effective delivery is made, kindly make sure to give relevant credentials that include shipping address along with the miscellaneous details and contact number. However, FPO, PO, and APO boxes addresses will not be entertained. Therefore it is important to provide residential or physical address for shipping purposes.

UJackets Notifications

UJackets guarantees that the customer is informed about the updates of the products he/she purchases. When we receive customer order our site, an email is sent in regard to affirmation, enclosed with the receipt of the thing asked. In the event that you are not accepting affirmation that implies that your enlistment has fizzled as a result of the specialized issues. Subsequently, we won’t have the capacity to process or ship the item until further affirmation.

Damaged Item and Late Delivery Claim

UJackets focuses on the satisfaction of the customer and provide them effective service. Nevertheless, if you cannot track the progress of your ordered item or unable to get the product in a specific time frame, we will restore the amount back to your credit card.

In case the item you received is a damaged one, then you are allowed to email us sales@ujackets.com with the time frame of 7 days, clearly mentioning the issue faced.

Estimated Time of Delivery

In normal circumstances the product is delivered to the doorstep within 4-5 days, once it is sent for shipping. However, make sure to keep a close look to the email notification from us that encloses tracking ID and shipped product.

Due to the Covid’19 lockdown in most of the countries and flight bans around the world, there will be a slight delay in product delivery. We highly regret the inconvenience resulting from this global issue. Please be patient; your orders will be delivered to your doorstep soon.

Deliver It as a “Gift”

With the objective of keeping away from the issues related to custom and governmental red tape, the products you purchase from us are marked as ‘GIFT’. However, if your country has miscellaneous duties and charges that would be paid by you. In case of any issues contact to us at sales@ujackets.com.

Shipping Location

UJackets concentrates on world-wide plan of action, therefore we are working in several countries that comprises of the US, Europe, and other Asian territories. Regardless of where we are situated, the items follow an accurate process of quality check, before the shipping is made. Our business is a worldwide one, hence for us customer satisfaction is a significant aspect.