UJackets always give customers the top priority and for this purpose, we treat the information provided by them as personal. Your data is on database for storing only, it is not for selling or sharing, because we value the time you give to us.

The first and foremost aspect of our website is to make sure that the data you provide is safe and secure with us. For the purpose of order processing, we utilize SSL layer for creating an encrypted link among a web server and the user. Hence, it makes sure that the data you entered remains integral and private. Just like the various websites we follow the standard and hence it is used for order processing.  Hence, we utilize the credit card data, solely for confirmation of the credentials to ensure whether the data is secure.  On the request of the customer, we would remove it and if he/she doesn’t want to us to remove it then it is safe with us. As per international regulations, the data provided to us is not for lending, sale, or shared making sure that we comply with the rules.

The Information We Store

UJackets collects the customer’s data, browsing our website. In case you are new to our website, you have to provide us the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

Nevertheless, you don’t wish to create an account and browse without going through the regular process, you can do it as well. Nevertheless, the process is necessary for everyone if you have to buy a product. Your information provided to us is strictly confidential as mentioned above.

Product Purchase Criteria

To avail UJackets services, it is important that contact number, email address, and home address is provided. We usually do not store the information of your credit card, however, for the purpose of shipping and processing it is given. However, you can edit or delete the information provided by simply logging into your account.

Services Account Information

UJackets gives a top priority to the customer’s data and for this purpose the data stored will be of those, who are willing to avail our services. On the contrary, if you are already signed up to us, all you have to do is to enter email address and password.

Services Account Information

UJackets makes use of the cookies to make sure that the experience of shopping with us is well worth it. This is a small text file that is stored while you first visit the website to ensure customized and enhanced observation. However, the website can also be browsed without the cookies, but the advantages may vary and may be a little less than those with the cookies, when it comes to purchase of the product.