The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia Bella Podaras Outfit


The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is an American TV show full of comedy and quality humor. The series is created by Mario Lopez and Seth Kurland. The show was initially released on the 17th of February 2020 and has 1 released season of 2 parts. They have a total of 14 episodes. The show was distributed on Netflix. The show has been loved by the audience and they want another season for it. The show is expected to be renewed since it got immense love from the audience and good reviews from the critics.

The show is appreciated for the cast as well. It stars some of the most talented individuals including Paulina Chavez, Conor Husting, Bella Podaras, Reed Horstmann, and many more. There are some recurring stars on the show as well like Mario Lopez and Halley Pullos. The show is loved for the performance of its characters as well as the costumes worn by the stars in the show. The audience admires the attires.

Bella Podaras plays the role of Brooke Bishop in the show and has been appreciated for her outfits. Our category consists of a wide range of amazing attires and costumes. You can find the costume of Bella Podaras as Brooke Bishop on our category as well. You can also find many more attires of different characters from different movies, TV shows, music videos, sitcoms, videogames, and even anime. So grab on to your devices to start some surfing.


Bella Podaras was loved for her jacket worn in the first season. This fabric of this jacket is jeans, and it has a soft viscose lining on the inside. The jacket has a classic simple collar with a front buttoned style fastening. The jacket has two outer pockets and two inner pockets. It has long sleeves with open hem cuffs, and the jeans have pearls on them. The unique design and style are what attracted the viewer’s so much. You can now grab on to this jacket that would be perfect for all casual outings with family and friends. Grab on to it now and slay your everyday outfits.


The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia Bella Podaras Jacket

The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia Jacket



To have the best costume, you need to take care of small things as well. You can now grab on to this fantastic necklace like the one worn by Bella Podaras in the show. You can grab on to a little different design as well. Our category has a ton of pretty designs. This necklace has a lobster claw closure and is made in the USA. Grab on to this limited edition necklace now and make sure to have the best accessories. It will be suitable for all outfits, either casual, formal, or fancy.



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To complete a costume, one needs all the necessities there are, and hairstyle is one of the most essential features. You can grab on to this high-quality, synthetic wig that would help you get the same look as Bella Podaras playing Brooke Bishop. This wig is heat resistant and comes with an adjustable, breathable, and comfortable cap. This would be perfect for many other costumes as well. Grab on to this wig now and complete your outfit. Make different hairstyles with it, and you can grab hold of many different characters as well. Enjoy your cosplay!



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Crop Top and Pants

You can grab on to this fantastic set of tank tops and pants for your costume this year. It is made up of polyester and spandex. The crop top and pants are lightweight, adjustable, and breathable. The crop top is sleeveless, has a round neck, and comfortable to wear. The pants are high, waited, soft, and stretchable. You can wear these while working out, jogging, walking or even under your clothes. You can grab on to this set of crop top and pants in a variety of different colors, whichever you desire. These are perfectly suitable for many different occasions. Grab on to this suit in any color you like and slay yourself.


Crop Top and Pants

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An outfit as amazing as Brooke Bishop’s, you need the perfect pair of footwear to complete the costume. You can now grab on to these fantastic pair of summer sandals. They are made up of PU leather and has a synthetic sole. These are imported and guaranteed high-quality. These are comfortable, fashionable, stylish, and elastic. These sandals are perfect for all kinds of occasions, including casual, formal, and daily. You can visit our category and grab on to a collection of different colors and designs. Surf all you can and grab on to whichever design and color you desire. Grab these sandals now and complete your overall outfit elegantly.



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You can now grab on to this complete costume of Bella Podaras as Brooke Bishop on the show The Expanded Universe of Ashley Garcia for this year’s Halloween or costume party. On the other hand, to view other costumes, visit our category, and witness a collection of different dresses belonging to various comic book characters, movie characters, TV show characters, and even anime characters.

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