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Supernatural is an American TV series. It is a dark fantasy show directed by Eric Kripke. The genre of the show is drama, action, dark fantasy and supernatural. The show is quite extended and have 15 seasons with a total count of 320 episodes. The original network of this show is The WB and produced by Warner Bros. The show was initially released on 13th of September 2005. The show is loved by the audience and received positive remarks from the critics as well. The show is yet running and have more seasons to come because the fans won’t let it end, they love it so much.

Plot of the show

The show revolves around two brothers who have a passion of hunting ghosts, monsters and other supernatural beings. The first season begins with Sam and Dean, two brothers whose father went missing one day. Dean tracked down Sam at the Stanford University and spends their time on the road for the hunt of their father.

The audience adores the thrill and suspense which is created after every episode which makes the curious for the next. The show stars some of the best stars of all time including Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohan, Misha Collins and a few more. The audience loved the plot of the show, the performances of the stars as well as the attires of all the characters of the show.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of the attires worn by the characters in the show. These are high-quality, durable attires which would be perfect for all your casual, formal and fancy events.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Coat

The coat is made up of real distressed leather material along with a soft inner viscose lining on the inside. The coat has a notch style collar along with a front buttoned closure. The coat has full length sleeves with buttoned cuffs. There are two slide pockets on the waist of the coat and two inner pockets. The coat comes in a brown color.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Coat

Supernatural Dean Winchester Coat Product Page

Sam Winchester Supernatural Blue Jacket

This particular jacket is made up of cotton material along with an internal soft layer. It has a pointed stitch cut and a shirt collar with a golden zip. The jacket has a front zippered closure and full length sleeves with cut styled cuffs. The jacket consists of a rib knitted hemline with jetted pockets. The jacket comes in an oxford blue color.

Sam Winchester Supernatural Blue Jacket

Sam Winchester Supernatural Blue Jacket Product Page

Supernatural Necklace

Being a Supernatural fan, you must be aware of the unique and worthy anti possession necklace. Well, I if you feel safe knowing that you own the necklace, here it is. You can now avail the anti-possession necklace and wear it to express your love and support to the show as well as all the characters of the show.

Supernatural Anti Possession Symbol Necklace

Supernatural Necklace Product Page

Supernatural Crystals Bracelet

Here is one of the most beautiful bracelets you might have laid your hands on. This is made up of crystal material and is so pretty that it would go with all your fancy as well as casual outfits. You can wear it with jeans and shirt or you can wear it with dresses.

Supernatural Crystals Bracelet

Supernatural Crystals Bracelet Product Page

Supernatural Winchester Brothers T Shirt

Good news for all the ladies out there. Here is a Supernatural – The Winchester Brothers tee which is perfect for the Supernatural fans. It is made up of 100% cotton material and is high-quality, durable material. This shirt comes in a black color and has a slim women style fitting. It has a Winchester Brothers logo on the front of it.

Supernatural Winchester Brothers T Shirt

Supernatural Winchester Brothers T Shirt Product Page

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