Unique Glitzy Styled Silver Surfer Costume Collection


Silver surfer is known as one of the most plagued cosmic entities in the galaxy, as he was being forced to transform into a violent devastating personal by an even much bigger fierce entity known as Devourer of the worlds. He is regarded as the biggest conspirator of the galaxy who can take on any planet at any time for the sake of his own wishes. While being earlier known as Norrin Radd, Silver surfer belonged to a much advanced race of the planet called Zenn-La which was eventually threatened by the Devourer for the destruction, until Norrin presented himself as the cosmic slave to him. And so, he transformed Norrin into a much powerful entity called Silver Surfer for his own devastation plans. While apart from these galactic concepts, he is a wide inspiration for many of the styling enthusiasts, because his attiring suits perfectly for the fancy parties, and so we have compiled below a detailed DIY guide which will show you unique ways how to get astoundingly attired up like a Silver Surfer and have an indifferent edge over others in the parties.

Wolfe Face Paints

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Make your fancy styling completely metallic by having this unique face paint that is precisely made to give you exact silvery looks to get enthralling presence among others in the party.

Color Hair Spray

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This grey hair spray gives your Surfer look a spellbinding presence and makes you look indifferent from the others, as its unique grey shading fits perfect with any other fancy outfit as well.

Bodysuit Costume

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Take on this exclusive grey jumpsuit and imitate with perfect surfer styling in the glitzy gatherings, as its tight fitted styling complies perfectly with the Norrin Radd’s gimmick character.

Spandex Unitard Costumes Gray

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Shine up your presence in the fancy gatherings, with this exclusive lustrous grey bodysuit that gives you extravagant surfer looks as well as eye-catching elusive appeal among all the other glitzy geeks.

 Body Glove Soft Surfboard

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If you want to take on all the intrinsic gadgets of Silver Surfer to complete your overall fancy look, then this grey surfboard is what you need to get exact imitation like him and to have meticulous persona from rest of the others.

So the above shown unique outwears and innovative gadgets inclusive with it, depicts perfect imitation of the Norrin Radd’s cosmic character, and arrays perfect for those individuals who wants something very unique and showy in fancy parties. As being seamlessly elusive from others is what you like to have in your personality in ornamental gatherings, and that is what our DIY guide is comprised on, so that you can get all the intrinsic ideas about how to get stagnant silvery looks that not only gives you an enticing presence, but also makes you iconic star among others whose eye-catching persona becomes unmatchable to none. So it’s a perfect guide you were always looking for, as you won’t find such better thing to make your look flawlessly unique like the actual Silver surfer character.

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