Shazam Costume Guide In 2019


DC finally looks to be releasing movies that will be creating a momentum for their projects. Shazam is their last movie of the timeline and that is the sad part of this momentum, it couldn’t have earlier with releases like Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Nevertheless, things are looking good for the company as they plan to bring more highly awaited films for the next couple of years. Shazam looks to be that film to make them end their phase on a good note.

The movie stars an unfamiliar pick who has never been considered to be worthy of a superhero type, until now. Zachary Levi will be channeling the wizard’s unmatchable power when he exclaims “Shazam!” the wittiness and boyish looks makes him suit the plot perfectly. With his costume getting mixed reviews but not his comedy persona, we thought of creating the best version of the Shazam costume for you.

This is what you will need.

Shazam Leather Jacket

Adult Superhero White Cape

Shazam 2019 Belt

Golden Adult Arm Guards

Red PU Leather Motorcycle Pants

Shazam Boots

The Shazam costume guide is now completed with these items. Seeing the trend is shifting to the good side of the reviews, you should not be afraid of being late to the party. Shazam is one of the biggest superheroes in the DC Comics books and part of the Justice League as well. Billy Batson might be an ordinary foster teenage kid but with one word, he can transform into a good like a hero. Shazam is being widely recognized today as a jolly hero from a dark universe. The movie has made sure that this will be unlike anything they would expect and will follow the flow of the trailer. Time will tell if it will reach the likes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but you can definitely reach the highest potential of being Shazam.

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