Mulan is the famous Disney character inspired by the true warrior Hua Mulan from the great poem Ballad of Mulan. The story revolves around a little Chinese girl who is brave, strong, and devoted to doing something good for her father. When the Huns attacked china, her father could not go to war because of his disability, so she decided to bring honor to her father. She disguised herself as a man, took her father’s place, and fought like a true warrior. In her decision, the great ancestors sent the dragon Mushu for her help. He guided her, helped her to become a warrior, and tried to hide her secret.

Her secret was revealed when the Huns attacked Li Shang, the caption of China army, she tried to save him but hurt herself. Everyone shocked and laughed at her, but she proved herself that she can do anything and breaks the stereotype that the only man can become a warrior. After her identity was disclosed, she did not disappoint and worked hard and proved to be the strong independent woman, fought with the Huns with bravery, saved the china, and brought honor to her father.

The Walt Disney picture’s production company decided to remake the animated movie Mulan into a real film with advanced technology. It is releasing in March 2020 for the audience. In the trailer, we can see the most exceptional detail of her face, hair, shoes, and costume, which make her character more interesting.

1) Mulan Yifei Liu Coat

The Mulan beautiful red kimono coat is famous for its fantastic quality, design, and fine material. This gorgeous long red kimono gown has all the perfect details that best suit a warrior. Long open hem sleeves with a V-shaped collar gives a pleasing effect. The leather around the waistline provides the firmness with and taller structure. It’s front and back attractive designs of flower blossom and peacocks are the symbol of Love, peace, and your real identity.

Mulan Yifei Liu Coat

Mulan Coat

2) Mulan Yifei Liu Red Jacket

This exclusive masterpiece is perfect for this winter. It is made of cotton material line with soft fur stuff inside to give you a warm effect. This is a four-pocket jacket that means two pockets outside and two pockets inside for your safety. Mulan Red Jacket should be the fashion trend of 2020 because it perfectly fits the body and suits all types of dressing. The dragon motive on two sides on the shoulder gives the Chinese vibes and makes you a real fashionable woman. The dragon design on Mulan red jacket refers that be strong, and your ancestors always there to help you.

Mulan Red Jacket

Mulan Red Jacket

3) Heirloom Cap Sleeve

Tees are the essentials for summertime. If you are looking for simple and light fabric material for this hot weather, Heirloom Cap Sleeve is the right option. This cotton material tee is comfortable and slim fit, which is admired by the woman. You can wash it easily and pair it with jeans, a skirt, and straight pants to give a fresh look.

Heirloom Cap Sleeve

Heirloom Cap Sleeve Product Page

4) Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the most demand for all around the woman. It gives a bold and classy look and hugs your lower body perfectly for an amazing silhouette. It is made of 66% cotton material; that’s why it is and comfortable to wear. Pairing it with pumps and loafer with some accessories makes you a fashion icon.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans Product Page

5) Human Hair Wig

Mulan sleek hair is the dream of every girl. Her straight hair adds more beauty to her personality. This long human hair wig can help you to achieve Mulan’s sleek and straight hair. It is well iron, soft, comfortable to wear, straight, shiny, gives a natural look, and can craft it with unique hairstyles. It is full of volume and layers to give an up to the mark look.

Human Hair Wig

Human Hair Wig Product Page

6) Big Girls Heroine Mulan Costume

This costume makes us remember the old version of the Mulan outfit. It is beautifully crafted with a combination of a pink self-tie belt to give a pop of color and define the waistline. It is 100% pure polyester, which promotes the falling effect of maxi. It has a different sleeve style as compared with red kimono; it is designed with little cuff work to give an appealing look.

Big Girls Heroine Mulan Costume

Big Girls Heroine Mulan Costume Product Page

7) Converse Chuck Taylor

It is comfortable, lightweight, and ready to go shoes. It gives you the right amount of smartness. It has a side ankle patch which no one can resist and complete your look for casual events. It is available in different designs and colors to enhance your look.

Converse Chuck Taylor

Converse Chuck Taylor Product Page

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