Bold and robust Metal Gear Solid Snake Costume Collection


Tactical Military Style with Exclusive Metal Gear Solid Snake Giacomo Talamini Guide

Metal Gear is one of the highly admired and most played videogame of all time and is been highly regarded by many gaming aficionados all over the world. Its main character Solid snake has been a fine inspiration for many styling fanatics, as he looks very compact and boldly fashioned. So making its style gimmick is the perfect thing to do in fancy get-togethers that is why many fashioning enthusiasts do look for this Cosplay outfitting to get enthralling subtle presence in the party. Hence we have compiled below a complete stack of relevant wearables which will give you the exact diligent look of the Solid snake in themed parties. As all the outwears confined in the below collection are rightly accumulated to give you sturdy bold appearance like of the same Solid Snake Coat so that you can attain exact compact presence in the party.

Tights Suit Costumes

Tights Suit Costumes (Product Page)

This green bodysuit is perfectly made in a close fitted fashion to style up adequately with your Solid Snake Costume Cosplay and to give your attiring a seamless bold look like of the same Metal Gear’s protagonist character.

Supplies Training Vest

Supplies Training Vest (Product Page)

Attire on this black tactical vest to emulate profound style of Solid snake, as it is creatively fashioned with bold fabrication and designing that makes it look highly enthralling and shrewd.

Thigh Holster

Thigh Leg Holster (Product Page)

These thigh holster belts are deliberately fashioned to complete your overall tactical attiring and to give you a complete soldierly look to get sturdy thrilling presence among all.

Knee Pads

Knee Pads (Product Page)

These kneepads are precisely made to cover up your knees while you are on a sturdy voyage or want to be risk-free from the rocky journeys attiring this compact kneepads.

Elbow Pads Black

Black Elbow Pads (Product Page)

These elbow pads fits adequate to your Solid snake styling, and is deliberately made to give your persona a thrilling edge to imitate perfect robust style.

Duty Boot

Duty Boot (Product Page)

If you are looking to take on something highly sturdy and robust for your long expeditions, then this compact heavy duty boots are the perfect choice for you to attire and move on solidly on all tracks.

Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves (Product Page)

These black gloves suits perfect to give you a shrewd soldierly look and fits adequate for your biker ridings as you always need these sorts of gloves to protect your wrists from any misadventure.

Head Tie

Head Tie (Product Page)

Put on these black tie headbands to imitate yourself as a robust soldier, as it is very easy to tie on and feels very diligent even if you are taking it for sporting purposes like in tennis courts or working out in gyms.

Machine Gun

Machine Gun (Product Page)

Complete your battling stack with these military styled maverick guns that gives you a complete Solid snake styling if you really want to gimmick in a highly sturdy bold warrior fashion in themed parties.

So the above compilation is rightly done in a comprehensive manner to give you a complete Solid Snake character look imitated in the famed thrilling adventure game Metal Gear. As this DIY Guide is intrinsically made with all those wearables and outfits that sets perfect for robust soldierly attiring like of the Solid Snake. Hence is an adequate choice for all those enthusiasts who loves to style up in a cognitive manner in ornamental gatherings.

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