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Historically Black Colleges and Universities are educational institutes that were established even before the Civil Rights Acts in 1964. These institutions were established to cater to the educational needs of the African-American community in the United States. These were first established in the United States – it has currently 101 HBCU and is successfully representing 3% of the total nations’ colleges and universities.

Before the establishment of HBCUs, there was a ton of racism in the country. For an entire century, all colleges and universities in the south prohibited and banned the admission of all African-Americans and that is known as the era of slavery. HBCUs were established to reduce racism in the country and to make sure that the African-Americans had the same education and privileges as compared to the Americans.

Donovan Mitchell is an American professional basketball player and is loved by basketball fans all over the world. Being a respectable professional and human, he is also supporting the establishments and presence of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We can see him wearing a jacket that represents his support to the HBCUs.

This particular attire of Donovan Mitchell was adored and highlighted by the audience all around the world. If you are a supporter and you want the same outfit as Donovan Mitchell, you’ve come to the right place.

Our category consists of a range of amazing attires that would be perfect for all your casual, formal, and daily events. Apart from the Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride outfits, our category consists of a range of collections belonging to characters of different movies, TV shows, anime, videogames, and more.

If you like the Donovan Mitchell HBCU outfit, here is where you’ll get it.


You can see Donovan Mitchell wearing this jacket in the picture. It is made up of high-quality, comfortable, and soft fleece material with a soft inner viscose lining. It has a rib-knit collar, a front buttoned style fastening, and long sleeves with rib-knit cuffs. The jacket has two front slant pockets and two inner pockets. It comes in a four-toned color including yellow, red, green, and black. This jacket would be perfect for all your casual and daily whereabouts. It is comfortable and would keep you warm and cozy with its high-quality and comfortable fleece material. It has an HBCU PRIDE embroidered on the front of the jacket.

Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride Letterman Jacket

Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride Letterman Jacket


This sweatshirt is what you definitely need in your wardrobe. It is made up of 56% cotton material and 44% polyester material. The sweatshirt is imported and is easily machine washable. It has a rib-knit collar, a front YKY zipper closure, and has long sleeves with rib-knit cuffs. It comes in a range of amazing colors and has a very soft and comfortable inner lining that would keep your comfortable and cozy whenever and wherever you wear it. The sweatshirt would be the perfect attire to wear all day, every day. It is cozy and comfortable to wear all day long and would give you the perfect casual and loose look wherever you go.

Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride Sweatshirt Product Page


Covid-19 has seriously affected the mass population. This is the time where everyone needs to make sure that they are following the SOPs, maintaining distance, and taking care of their hygiene. This requires every single one of us to wear a mask all day long whenever we step out of the house. This is a pack of 50 disposable masks that is a necessity whenever we leave the house. Grab on to this box now – it comes in adult size and black color. This mask would help you stay safe and make sure that you avoid all possible scenarios that might endanger you or your loved ones from this deadly pandemic, Covid-19. Stay safe, Stay Covid-19 negative!

Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride Mask Product Page


Having comfortable jeans is very important. These amazing, comfortable, and stretchable jeans will make you slay your outfit and give you the best comfort, alongside. It is made up of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. It is imported, is easy machine washable, and has a front buttoned closure with zipper fly. These jeans come in a range of amazing colors that would be suitable for all your outfits. Casual, daily, or formal – these jeans are the perfect fit for you. It has a straight-fit style with two sides and two back pockets. Grab on to these jeans now and make every day a better day.

Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride Jeans Product Page


Having the right accessories is very important to give your outfit the perfect finishing. For men, watches are the perfect accessory to ensure their perfect look. This watch is what you need to make sure that you or your beloved slays their outfit. This watch belongs to the Quartz brand and is made up of high-quality material. It is waterproof, has an alarm, stopwatch, backlight, date, and is as good as a Rolex. Grab on to this watch, for yourself or for a gift, and make sure the perfect outfit.

Donovan Mitchell HBCU Pride Watch Product Page


Out category consists of a range of collections and outfits that would be perfect for all your casual, formal, daily, and fancy events. Make sure to combine elegant, good looks and comfort in all your outfits with these amazing collections. Support HBCUs and grab on to these attires. Invest in something better and useful for the world. And no matter where you are and what you do, don’t forget to slay!

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