A Mesmerizing Guide For The Captain Marvel Costume


It is a very funny scenario that there is always that one superhero who comes as wildcard and gets the job done, while the others are hoping for a miracle. We may get to see this in the upcoming Marvel movie, but for now, it is all about Captain Marvel – the female Captain Marvel. Just like the other standalone movies like Black Panther and Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel comes in the list of those movies that fans have never heard of before. She, like the above-mentioned names, is a game changing member of the Avengers in Marvel comics.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe focuses on having some jaw dropping moments in their trailers and TV spots. Apart from the plot they choose, you can see why their far ahead of DC Comics movies. Both have a star-studded cast but Marvel got the upper hand because of its consistency. Captain Marvel looks to keep the streak intact. Her appearance was teased in Avengers: Infinity War ‘just in time’. Since she is one of the powerful characters of Marvel, she has become an instant fan favorite among the adults and kids. This is why we have created a DIY guide for the Captain Marvel costume. Check it out below.

Captain Marvel Costumes

Captain Marvel Leather Jacket

Captain Marvel Leather Gloves

Captain Marvel Leather Belt

Captain Marvel Leather Leggings

Captain Marvel Leather Boots

There is not much information about the plot but there are surely hints in the Captain Marvel trailer. For now, it is understood that she is involved in a battle between two alien rivalries, Kree vs. the Skrull. However, she has had a life on Earth before she joined the alien race in the fight for survival. With that said, she also has defend Earth from being terribly torn apart. The products that you see above are all you need for the new Captain Marvel costume. We hope you try it and let us know how it turned out for you.

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